New Owen was established in 2015. We are affiliated with Owen Group and Owen Foreign Language School, established in 2001. Owen Foreign Language School is the biggest private language school in South-West China with over 15,000 students currently enrolled and 17 years of good relationships with parents and the education industry. Owen teaches English as a Foreign Language to students aged between 3-18, but our biggest enrolment is for students between the ages of 3-14. Owen Group are growing at a rapid rate and over the next three years we plan to expand further into China.

We are New Owen Publishing. We aim to support, motivate and inspire young learners with comprehensive, well-researched and pioneering methods. Technology underpins everything we do at New Owen. Our children are growing up in a world full of technology and innovation; the heart of New Owen is to be innovative ourselves and embrace methods of teaching that young learners can connect with. 



We believe in natural learning environments, where learners can flourish and enjoy their learning journey. 

Why choose New Owen?


• Our books and courses are researched and created by experienced teachers from different cultures – ensuring a multi-cultural perspective and a true understanding of the complexities of teaching and learning. 


• We use international reading levels and language benchmarks to monitor progress. This ensures real progress that learners can see: being able to see progress creates a more motivating learning environment. 


• We take into account the ‘silent period’ or ‘listening and consuming period’ that is common in all young language learners. New Owen courses are designed to use these listening periods to the learner’s advantage. The courses allow students to relax and express themselves naturally and at their own pace. 


• We provide parental support. We acknowledge that learning does not begin and end in the classroom, but it is also difficult for parents to do this without help, guidance and support. We provide guides, videos and activities for parents to do at home with English language framework. 


• We encourage individuality and personalisation. Our teacher’s books have a huge variety of suggestions and ideas. The courses and books are written with flexibility in mind, so teachers can tailor it to their students needs.

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